Our paint series

This article provides an overview of our different paint series. How they differ and for whom which series is the right one.

Monopigmented Paints (M-Series)


Regular Paints (R-Series)

The paints in the M-Series contain exactly one pigment at a time.

R-Series paints may contain mixtures of several pigments.

Black and white are generally colors that only contain a single pigment. These are represented in both series. Other colors are often mixtures of different pigments. These are then only contained in the R-Series.

Pigments usually have very different properties. One very important property is opacity. This can also vary greatly from pigment to pigment.

One example of a very opaque pigment is the black pigment PBk 7 (carbon black).

While the violet PV 23 (dioxazine violet) is a very transparent pigment.

In the M series, there is a transparent color that only contains PV 23. To produce an opaque variant for the R series, white is also used so as not to shift the color value and still give the color opacity. 

Who is the R-Series right for?

The R-Series claims that all the paints it contains have the highest possible opacity. This series also offers a wide range of different colors that can be used directly, such as skin tones. The R-Series is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to get started straight away, has access to a wide range of colors and does not want to mix all the colors themselves.

Who is the M-Series right for?

The M-Series is particularly suitable for advanced artists who want to have full control over the colors and want to mix their own colors.