What makes our bottles special

20 ml Capacity

between 17% and 66% more content compared to the known sizes (17ml, 12ml)

Childproof closure

No unpleasant surprises​

Highly transparent PET plastic

The color tone of the content is reproduced unaltered

made from recycled material

Very good recyclable​

Thin nozzle

Optimum dosage

Perfect protection against bacteria

Good for cleaning


Our 20ml bottles

The dimensions are 100 mm x 21,5 mm

Our 60 ml bottles

The dimensions are 97 mm x 38 mm

Will these bottles fit in my paint rack?

Many paint racks are built in tiers and offer no height restriction. Therefore, there should be no problem with the height. In width, our bottles are somewhat narrower and therefore often have a little more play, but this should also not be a problem. For all other formats, you should take a meter or ruler to hand and check with the measurements above to see if they fit.

If this is not the case, you can download stl-files for a suitable rack from the following link and print them out yourself.

Either the official Paint Rack from Ten01 labs

Official Ten01 labs Paint Rack to print yourself


The Perfect Paint Rack from Conor O'Kane to print yourself

Many thanks to our UESC member Conor O'Kane for the design!