The new acrylic paint series

One to rule them all

From user for user


We are three enthusiastic table-top friends who have set ourselves the goal of making the best paint we are capable of producing a reality.

There is a huge difference between a user approaching such a project with the idea of achieving the best possible result and a company trying to open up a market with a product.

The objectives are very far apart.

At every step in product development, the goal was always to achieve the best possible result. And we were only satisfied when we saw no possibility of further improving the product.

About us

The main features

Ultra high opacity

The Ultracryl paint series has been optimized for maximum opacity. This includes in particular problematic shades such as yellow, light green and orange.

Ultra large color spectrum

We have selected the pigments we use mainly with a focus on covering the widest possible color spectrum (excluding toxic pigments).

Therefore, we use the most brilliant pigments available on the market. Thus, in addition to muted colors, we also offer bright colors, as they have been missing in the miniature environment and only known from the artist field.
group of person with signage

As harmless as possible

Since we ourselves come from the hobby,it is a special concern to us to make the paint as harmless as possible. The painted works of art should be touched gladly and often and also the moistening of the brush tip between the lips is unfortunately not uncommon, even if this is to be avoided at all costs.

That's why we consistently avoid the use of toxic pigments and have asked ourselves with every additive and ingredient 'do we really need this?' and 'is there a harmless alternative?'
a rainbow colored eye with dripping paint on it

Particularly good flow properties

We have placed very great emphasis on optimizing the flow properties of the Ultracryl ink series. Our colors are therefore quite fluid and can be used undiluted. They can be applied very thinly and still offer excellent control on the brush.
brown and white abstract painting

Ultra Matt

A matte finish is especially important in the miniatures environment. Glossy surfaces quickly look like low-quality plastic items. Therefore, our paints are designed for a very matte result.

Our color palette at a glance


The complete color palette at a glance