Science at the limit

Ultracryl is a high-performance acrylic-based paint that pushes the boundaries of what is possible, setting unprecedented standards.

Odoo • Ein Bild mit einer Bildunterschrift
The one to rule them all

Ultracryl - our claim

An experiment cast in a color series, whose claim was to test the limits of what is feasible. 

What is the maximum amount of pigment that an acrylic paint can contain and still meet all the important requirements?

If only the best available materials and pigments are used, it is possible to improve the properties of an acrylic paint to the limits of physics and chemistry.

How to improve the adhesion of an acrylic paint to the common plastics used in tabletop, model making and 3D printing

How to create a paint that preserves every detail, no matter how small

What are the possibilities to make a paint as robust and resistant as possible

Can polluted substances in common acrylic paints be completely replaced with harmless ones

How brilliant can colors become when the best pigments available on the market are used

How is Ultracryl different from other acrylic paints?

Ultra Matt

Ultracryl colors are characterized by their maximum mattness. A finish with a matte clear coat is not necessary.

Maximum amount of pigment for maximum detail retention

Pigments are the most expensive ingredients in a paint. Therefore, manufacturers like to save on the amount of pigment. This means that an ink with few pigments does not cover well and may have to be applied several times.

Particularly with 3D-printed figures and in model making, very fine structures are important. Here one wants to avoid at all costs that these are lost by multiple or thick application of color.

Scientifically, there is a limit up to which the ink base can absorb pigments without negatively affecting other properties. Ultracryl moves very close (with a little safety margin) to this limit to achieve maximum opacity with minimum ink thickness.

Most brilliant pigments

There is great potential not only in the quantity of pigments but also in their selection.

A less brilliant pigment is sometimes cheaper by a factor of 10 than a highly brilliant high-performance pigment. By tinting, the color tone of a less brilliant pigment can be achieved from a highly brilliant pigment, but conversely it is not possible to produce colors in the same spectrum from less brilliant pigments. In other words, a color made from a highly brilliant red pigment achieves such a bright red shade that it cannot be achieved with a less brilliant pigment.

For Ultracryl, we use the most brilliant pigments on the market*.
*Excluding polluted substances such as cadmium, chromium (VI) and lead-containing pigments.

Perfect adhesion and durability

Instead of a pure acrylic base, we use a high-quality polyurethane-acrylic combination.

This combination provides better adhesion to plastics, and has a very high flexibility. This makes the paint more resistant and thus guarantees a very high durability.

Ultracryl paints do not become brittle and withstand very high mechanical loads. Flaking of Ultracryl paints is therefore impossible.

The best base for the airbrush

Many suppliers often offer their own series of paints for use with an airbrush gun. 

Apart from a more fluid consistency, working with an airbrush gun does not place any special requirements on a paint. These colors are often only the diluted version of existing color series and thus again reduced in opacity.

We offer a PU acrylic base for thinning the colors. This is much cheaper than the paints, because it does not contain pigments. Thus, a significantly better price / performance ratio is achieved than with the purchase of special airbrush paints.

Especially the design of the Ultracryl color series to the maximum possible opacity makes Ultracryl therefore the ideal base for thinning and use in an airbrush gun.

Ultracryl does not use any toxic ingredients

In our view, paints used for 3D printing and model making should be as harmless as possible and easy to handle. The artwork should not only look good, but should also be pleasant and easy to touch. This is an extremely important criterion, especially for tabletop figures. 
The Ultracryl paint series therefore focuses on ingredients that are as harmless as possible.
We do not use any pigments containing cadmium, chromium (VI), or lead. Furthermore, we only use APEO and NMP free base materials. In general, we make sure to use substances that are as harmless as possible.

Who is ten01 Labs?

ten01 Labs is a young 3-person startup with the goal of designing the best possible acrylic-based paint line. We only wanted to be limited by the boundaries of chemistry and physics. The eventual price of the final product played no role in the product design. The declared goal was to create a reference of the maximum possible. However, the results show that our products are quite competitive and can keep up with the prices of the competition.

Odoo • Ein Bild mit einer Bildunterschrift

How do they know what they are doing?

Most importantly, we are highly motivated and put our hearts into it!

Developing an acrylic paint from scratch is a challenging undertaking. Acrylic paints consist of a large number of starting materials such as the binder, pigments, auxiliaries and a whole range of additives. This means that many different components quickly come together, some of whose interactions have to be understood. But the pure formula is only the beginning. 

Knowledge is power.

That's why it was necessary for us to spend more than two years intensively studying the subject and validating our knowledge and findings through countless experiments.

We are fortunate to have a chemical engineer on the team who has spent many years professionally dealing with surface and coating processes, and who has also been able to call on his uncle from time to time as a wild card. He is a retired paint technician and had many helpful tips for us. 

Furthermore, we have an incredibly talented master mechatronics engineer who, with ingenuity and skill, can build all the machines needed to produce and fill the paints from a paper clip and a piece of chewing gum.

Then we have a computer scientist who makes sure that all the processes for production, merchandise management, quality assurance, marketing, sales and shipping are maintained in a sophisticated system and automated to the maximum. He also meticulously watches over his Excel ban.

If only the best and most expensive pigments and ingredients are used, how can it be that the paint is not significantly more expensive than the competition?

On the one hand, our personnel costs are very low because, as company founders, we do not draw a salary ourselves and invest everything in building up the company.

For another, we have the usual advantages of a startup. We have no grown structures and systems, no accounting department, etc. We rely on maximum automation to keep our costs as low as possible and can therefore keep up with the competition in terms of price despite the significantly higher material costs.

The following document once again summarizes the most important information about our Ultracryl color series: